Sunday, October 7, 2007

Obituaries for Sunday September,7 2007

Five Points Grocery R.I.P
Five Points was a fixture on the South Side of Saratoga for as long as anyone can remember. It survived the Vietnam War, the invasion of Grenada, and out lasted the Cold War. Dick Pugliese was it's most famous owner. Complete with his comb over, cigar, and .38 tucked in his waist band. Dick always had a kind word and a kind heart. Five Points was a place to get city news, fresh coffee, daily newspaper, and a helping hand if needed. The store was a pioneer in the arcade game industry. The store employed dozens of neighborhood citizens over the years. On Christmas Day 1992 the store was open for a few hours so people could buy items for breakfast and any other last minute items.
Five Points quietly passed away when it was sold to some carpet begger asshole and his wife. Rich people who do not need to bust their ass to provide adequate service because they are not in need of the income. It was stricken with the illness of a 20 seat cafe, new product line, and shitty snotty service.
Five Points is survived by a community that may never get over it's loss......