Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wall Of Shame

Cannot comment too much on the 2008 Travers week, because I don't remember that much. The beer count at the end was well over 400. What a terrible decision. It all went wrong horribly wrong, that's how we roll, hey steamboat hey marlboro man, Sam's Tires, oh god damn this is my jam ayer a a a a a ayer..........................

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Operation: FourStarDave

The Air Element: The warrior from the West, Doc, arrives on 8/19/2008. Bringing with him his ability to drink and karaoke, 4a.m. slap boxing, and 5a.m. wake up call's for Market

The Ground Element: All-Pro arrives via rail system on 8/20/2008. Bringing with him the innate ability to drink more beers than Minogues can stock. Proven very useful over the years was his ability to break dance, shotgun beers, and talk shit.

The Indigenous Element: Market, who hasn't left White Street since the wild bear incident of 1979. Her day to day reconnaissance of the area has been instrumental over the years for a successful Travers week.

The Sea Element: Dodie, being that it is extremely unnecessary to use the sea in this operation the planners felt Dodie would be perfect. Dodie's ability to take punishment and torture at every tun has been a great source of amusement for the other operatives.

The Look At What The Cat Dragged In Element: Dear Old Dad, unsure of his use as of yet. In a pinch I guess we could charlie horse him in the leg and leave him for dead if we need to make a getaway.