Thursday, June 21, 2007

When I die bury me under Louie's cherry tree.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

All-Pro Sean

Was the son of Market and brother to Dodie and Doc. He was a little league legend and even has a row of bleachers named after him at the Mechanicville little league park. His post baseball career led All-Pro to many career avenues. He was a paper boy, lemonade salesman, and even had a short stint as Sanitation Manager at the flat track. Working at the track led him to take a job as a hot-walker, then groom, and eventually landed him at Someday Farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania. All-Pro worked as a farm hand for Pat Chapman. All-Pro's path to the job at the farm was a checkered one, there were allegations leveled against him at Aqueduct Race Course. The allegations consisted of All-Pro physically assaulting jockeys who lost races he bet on. In 1998 famed jockey Kent Desormeaux was injured after losing the Belmont on Real Quiet to Victory Gallop by a nose. He had a fractured skull and lost hearing in one ear. This, of course, was a cover up. The jockey was beaten in the paddock by All-Pro, who had bet his brother's t-shirt money on the race. Forced to leave the track All-Pro took the job at Someday Farm under the alias S. Marty Jones. This was a tribute to uncle who was known as "Slick Marty". Pat Chapman upon reading his work badge began to call All-Pro "Smarty Jones". In Febuary of 2001 a horse was born on the farm, during birth the horse's skull and left eye were completely fractured. Chapman was leaning toward having the young horse put down but All-Pro convinced her to let him nurse the horse to health. Chapman went against her gut feeling and agreed with All-Pro. All-Pro nursed the hosre back completely, Chapman would go on to name the horse "Smarty Jones", in honor of All-Pro. Smarty Jones would go on to win The Preakness and The Kentucky Derby. After regaining his track status All-Pro went on to open up Funky Dodie Dina Stables, this is in honor of his sister who suffers from tourets syndrome. Today All-Pro splits time between Philadelphia Park and The Philadelphia Amplitheatre, All-Pro is a professional break dancer in the off-broadway play Beat Street. A great man and an even greater White Streeter.

Sunday, June 3, 2007