Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I know the candidates, do they know me?

Seriously do these candidates even relate to the populous for who's vote they are asking? I for one have never even seen the current mayor except for her pictures in the paper. I remember Mayor Ellsworth Jones visiting a policeman who lived on White Street when that officer received minor injuries in a high-speed car chase in 1984. I also remember Mayor Jones visiting the kids at Camp Saradac over at the East Side Rec. Sarto Smaldone, owner of the Malta Drive-In, was a mayor who not only lived in the actual city but also was very accessible and friendly. His wife was one of the nicest people I've ever met. What is with these politicians? As soon as they get elected they start to look down their nose at you. Have these candidates ever toured the West Side of the city? Have they ever been to the Jefferson or Vanderbilt Terrace? Yeah they all have huge smiles when photographed in front of new condos being built, but why not in front of the city's little dirty secret the Brentwood Motel? These people have a long to way to go sway my vote. They are more interested in self preservation than actually executing the duties of the office for which they have been elected.

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