Friday, May 4, 2007

Thanks Carl.

I do remember that odd girl, now I know she was Mr. Dominick's sister. Did his father have false teeth?

Did you know that McGyver grew up on the corner of White St. & Stratton? Also there was a family who lived down near Nelson Ave. They had two boys and a girl. Seems to me I remember the police at that house often. Troublesome boys.


Carl_Baxter said...

Actually Mr. Dominick's father had only one tooth, it was in the very front of his mouth. His sister can be seen occasionally talking to herself at various local gas stations.

Yes MacGyver was born and raised on White St. He began by fixing neighborhood kid's bicycles and evolving into such areas house design, he added a wing to his family's home at age 13. He even built various underground bomb shelters during the Cold War. A graduate of Saratoga High, he went on to study Physics at Western Tech. Upon graduation he was recruited as an agent by the DOD branch Department of External Services(DXS). MacGyver would be crucial to our nations security during his career, much of his actions are deemed too secret to be revealed. MacGyver now works as director of the Phoenix Foundation. In July of 2005 a book was published titled MacGyverisms, the book is a list of problems solved by MacGyver. In Indoesia a Swiss Army Knife is a called a "Pisau MacGyver". MacGyver was most known for in refusal to use crowbars, this is due to a childhood accident where his brother was mamed by a crowbar.

Ahh yes Dina , Doc, Market, and All-Pro Seen. I have a great deal of information on this family but I must refine my notes before posting.


Carl_Baxter said...

The family on the end of the street had a little girl named Dina, but she preferred to go by Dodie. Dodie's membership into the family was somewhat of a mystery. She was portrayed by the a family as twin sister to the family's youngest son Doc. But in reality Doc's real-life twin vanished in the womb. The father, Kevin, feeling terrible about what nature had done traded his friend, Meatball, a Ford Pinto sation wagon for his newborn daughter. which Meatball was too inclined to do because he had many mouths to feed already. Thus giving Doc his sister and Market her daughter. Dodie would go through her whole life as would the rest of the family acting as if all was well. It wasn't until Dodie began her life as a humanitarian that these events would come to life. During a routine physical before she was to deploy to Borneo for the World Food Program she was diagnosed with a mild form of tourets. Many had wondered her whole life why she had frequent outbursts of curse words and use of the middle finger. Wanting answers Dodie began to ask Market did Kevin or her have a family history of this condition. It was at this time the family came clean, upon hearing this Dodie contacted her real father Meatball. Meatball then revealed to her that he had in fact won her as an infant in a card at a Indian Casino on the Cycuan Reservation in Oswego, NY. The Cycuan Indians are known for their love of early 1990's economy class automobiles. Dodie is now a lover of native american culture and advocate for indian rights. She now goes the indian name "Hey F.U. Buddy".