Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Is Wanda out of her mind. I for one wanted affordable housing at Moore Hall not condos. I sure she is some carpet bagger.

Also I have metered water at my home and pay plenty for it. Whats the story on non metered homes, Braveheart?


Carl_Baxter said...

Wanda condos? Why not just eliminate the middle class all togehter? Saratoga needs more condos like a submarine needs a screen door. How about affordable housing for the residents who live and work within the city itself? But to brush off affordable housing for condos is assinine. Have you ever lived hand to mouth, week-to-week, or check to check? I guessing you have not.

Braveheart said...

Gentlemen, gentlemen. A little decorum … a little restraint otherwise this chat becomes nothing more than scribbles on a rest room wall. Carpetbagging and affordability are relative terms. How many White Street residents probably opted for the condo development believing that option to positively effect their property values than to have had Moore Hall turned into affordable housing units with greater density and traffic? How else can we explain the concerned affordable public’s silence from even its loudest proponents during the public forum at this location?

And since when does affordable housing have to be right next to the grind? For 100 years, public transportation (and cars) provided the worker with the opportunity not to have to live above the factory. Perhaps employers who once provided their modest wage earners with housing whether it was subsidized factory row housing or dormitories – something our hotels might consider – could try something else, like paying their employees a living entry wage. If this is really a county problem, then it requires a county solution. CDTA has new routes the city has legal commuter lots and an abundance of available housing options.

Following the footsteps of General Schuyler -- most of us are carpetbaggers. It just becomes a problem when the newcomers act like Bourbons or Goths. When in Venice – veneziani, poi cristiani. And when in Saratoga Springs – savour the original.

On White Street water meters … just another ugly rumor that I will neither confirm nor deny.

Carl_Baxter said...

Property value? I rent. The reason people want to live in affordable housing close to where there work is because they can't afford to be a commuter. What is the problem? People don't want undesirables moving in, well wake up unsavory characters turn up every where.

Braveheart said...

Again Carl -- It's relative. What do you think is a fair rent to pay for a two-bedroom apartment ($300-$400-$600-more)? Do you think it should be based on total income, total effort or in large part, our total choices? Some talk about median income -- do we want to compare neighbor by neighbor, street by street, city by city, County by County? Does it matter? Where does it start? Your White Street developed from its early working class residential track district days You still have several livery barns) to today’s vibrant middle-class neighborhood – is everyone equal – are all of the housing options equal? What has changed over time is the investments. The City must be careful how it threatens someone else’s paradise – if made unmanageable, start building those strip malls and those new suburbs because that flight could begin.

Sorry Carl – I’m not insensitive to affordability but I do know that this city presently offers many options for housing (more than 10% assisted living) and in case no one has broadcast this too loudly -- housing is in a slump – so bargain shop for those apartments. Government solutions to all problems is simply not always possible -- too costly, often irresponsible and in a City (this small) too expensive. There are a lot of places I’d like to live, but they’re simply out of reach, yet apparently (according to today’s newspaper) you can still build a mansion for $100 a SF! That’s cheaper than your rental.